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Are you over thirty or nearing thirty?  Dealing with changes in your body & health can be challenging when you hit the big 3-0. Our signature course is designed to equip you with powerful remedies, detox rituals, new habits, and the mindset to keep you ageless and healthy at any age.

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The Acne-Free Diet, Raw Girl’s Guide to Staying Acne-Free for Life (Third Edition), Copyright 2017,  is an e-book that offers quality information that you can apply to your lifestyle NOW to help you stay acne-free or heal any prevailing skin condition you may have.  

Have you been struggling with taking control of your breakouts? Have you had chronic acne for years and tried every prescription under the sun? Or maybe you just break out once in a while but you would like to learn natural effective ways to minimize breakouts or deal with them when they arise? 

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“Got Veg? How to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet, gave my veggyism structure and a sound foundation and will do the same for you. Thanks, Raw Girl!”

— M.G.

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“First, I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you. Since reading your blog and book The Acne-Free DIet, I have learned more about health and wellness than I could have ever imagined. You have inspired me to take charge of my life and be more cognizant o the way I take care of my body. Thanks to you, I now have the tools to live life to my fullest potential.”

— T. Simms

         I lost 60 lbs in 6 months!

“First of all let me thank you. Your page, your blog, and your book has made a very huge change on my life. I started my journey early November last year, and have lost 60 pounds in all. I was 255 and I am now 195 lbs. The 7 day detox book was the best thing I used my money for.”

— Akosua P.

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